About us

The Guarini’s presence in the Romagna territory traces back to 1200.

At the beginning of 1800 the family moved the wine activity from their lands in Forlì to the rolling hills of Bertinoro that were more suitable to growing grapes.

The family continued the wine production activity at “Villa Norina” for family use as well as for few local friends.

The Guarini’s wine earned various recognitions during the Italian Expo held in Florence in 1861 as well as during the Universal Expo held in Paris in 1878, so earl Pietro Guarini decided to increase the overall wine production in Bertinoro.

During the 1950s earl Cosimo Fabri Guarini promoted innovations to the “Villa Norina” cellar.

He was also the first one to produce in purity an ancient wine grape variety that was growing in the family vineyards. A couple of years later, this wine called “Pagadebit”, obtained the D.O.C. recognition.


villa norina


Today his offspring, Maria Eleonora, Pier Guido and Giovanni  are continuing the old family tradition.

Thanks to our constant professionality we have been able to select and process the best high-quality local grapes, as well as to guarantee the maximum quality and naturalness of all our wine. With passion and attention we follow every single phase: from growing grapes to harvesting; from wine making to selling it. You can find our products at “Villa Norina” in Bertinoro.

villa norina   

The Fabri Guarini’s at the beginning of the 1900 bought a property called “Fattoria Morrocco” in the Chianti region in Tuscany. During the 50’s earl Cosimo Fabri Guarini started bottling the Chianti Classic.

At “Fattoria Morrocco” were also present old olive groves so given the special existing soil and climate conditions the oil produced had great organoleptic characteristics with the lowest acidity.

Earl Cosimo Fabri Guarini decided to improve the old extra virgin oil production introducing new specialized installations.

The production activity at "Fattoria Morrocco” is still continued with with the same old passion by earl Cosimo Fabri Guarini’s offspring.